How wonderful! A big, old, discarded boot at the bottom of the garden...perfect for two little mice to repurpose and use as a red, rosy, warm and cosy mouse-house. All their garden friends agree! Sally Squirrel, Cha Cha Charlie the Caterpillar, Olwen Owl, Rhys Rabbit and Chirpy Birdie always enjoy a visit to the big, old boot. One day however, the rain begins to fall and fall. The drops become a shower...the shower becomes a downpour...the downpour becomes a deluge! Suddenly, the big, old boot is picked up on the rising flood water and everyone inside is hurtled towards adventure!

BIG BOOT features music and rhyme and even some real magic to explore friendship, sharing and co-operation.

Suitable for children aged 3- 8years.

On tour from September 2023 until July 2024.
This production is available through the medium of English and Welsh.

BIG BOOT! image