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...inspiring creativity and allowing the imagination to flow!

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Puppet Wales aims to provide a rich, valuable and unforgettable experience of live theatre through the powerful medium of puppetry. This exciting and unique one-woman educational touring puppet theatre integrates live action, music and beautifully handcrafted puppets with visually delightful and enchanting tales written for specific age groups. Helyn is also an experienced workshop facilitator, delivering creative rod puppet and shadow puppet making sessions to groups of all ages.

Helyn Latimer is a puppeteer, teacher and award-winning children's author, with over thirty years of experience working in primary schools, libraries and community spaces throughout Wales and beyond. She trained at the Birmingham School of Speech Training and Dramatic Art and later completed her PGCE in Swansea.

Member of The British Centre of Union Internationale de la Marionette. DBS and Safeguarding credited, Equity registered with Public Liability Insurance. QTS .
  • Vale of Glamorgan, Wales, United Kingdom

How wonderful! A big, old, discarded boot at the bottom of the garden...perfect for two little mice to repurpose and use as a red, rosy, warm and cosy mouse-house. All their garden friends agree! Sally Squirrel, Cha Cha Charlie the Caterpillar, Olwen Owl, Rhys Rabbit and Chirpy Birdie always enjoy a visit to the big, old boot. One day however, the rain begins to fall and fall. The drops become a shower...the shower becomes a downpour...the downpour becomes a deluge! Suddenly, the big, old boot is picked up on the rising flood water and everyone inside is hurtled towards adventure!

BIG BOOT features music and rhyme and even some real magic to explore friendship, sharing and co-operation.

Suitable for children aged 3- 8years.

On tour from September 2023 until July 2024.
This production is available through the medium of English and Welsh.

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    Mae Lloyd a Lili yn credu eu bod yn lygod ffodus dros ben i gael byw mewn hen esgid enfawr, yn ddiogel ac yn braf ym mhen draw'r ardd. Ond, un diwrnod gwlyb a gwyntog, mae hi'n dechrau bwrw glaw…ac mae'n glawio…a glawio…a glawio. Yn sydyn, 'dyw'r hen esgid ddim yn teimlo mor ddiogel rhagor wrth iddi gael ei chludo gan lif y dŵr gyda'r llygod a’u ffrindiau i gyd dal y tu mewn…ar antur fawr…..yn yr esgid enfawr!

Ysgrifennwyd a chyflwynir ESGID ENFAWR! gan Helyn Latimer ac mae'n defnyddio pypedau llaw, cerddoriaeth ac ychydig o hud a lledrith i archwilio cyfeillgarwch, rhannu a chydweithio.

Addas ar gyfer plant 3-8 mlwydd oed.

Ar gael o fis Mawrth 2023 tan fis Gorfennaf 2024.

Hyd y cynhyrchiad yw 45 munud a gwneir cais am 30 munud o amser paratoi.
Shadow puppet workshops explore light and shadow in a fun and exciting way. Shadow puppetry is an expressive art that inspires imagination and creativity. Participants  experience the beauty and magic of creating their own shadow puppets which they can then use to transport us all to an imaginary world. Dive into an ocean to see creatures of the deep, fly high with dragons of myth and legend or venture into a forest where woodland creatures creep...
Participants are treated to a shadow puppet production and this is followed by the workshop. Simple, colourful and exciting shadow puppets, static or jointed, can be made and played with within an hour. These workshops are suitable for all ages and abilities. Groups of up to 30 are catered for. All materials are provided.

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Rod puppet making and manipulation workshops allow participants to use their imagination and creativity as they bring all sorts of characters to life! Our Victorian rod puppets are especially popular! This is a unique and interesting way to enjoy history topics. All materials are provided. Groups of 30 are catered for.
Helyn is a highly experienced workshop facilitator and tailors each workshop to meet the needs of all ages and abilities.
Puppetry is an accessible, non-threatening, empowering, imaginative, creative and performing art. It is cross-curricular and cross-cultural. It has the potential to help develop confidence and enhance skills in many areas, including language and communication, social and interpersonal skills and physical development...not forgetting mathematical skills relating to size and proportion, science, design and technology - it's all there in puppetry!