Heulwen loves her hat. It is rather tatty and many might think it ought to be thrown away but to Heulwen it is beautiful and very useful. It is also a hat full of memories. She has worn it for many years, in many different places and for many different occasions. It keeps her head dry in the spring, cool in the summer and warm in the autumn and winter.
One windy day, Heulwen forgets to tie the ribbon of her hat firmly under her chin and suddenly whoosh...off it blows...swirling and twirling, soaring and sailing over forests and rivers, mountains and vales, on adventures all over the counties of Wales! Heulwen's Hat becomes re-purposed and precious to many others. It serves as a cosy winter bed for a hedgehog, a nest for a bird to raise her chicks, a parachute for a cat stuck up in a tree, an oat bag for a hungry horse and even a boat for two mice scouts to cross a brook and earn their sailing badge!
It is indeed a most useful hat. Will Heulwen ever see it again?

This delightful new production will be on tour from the Autumn Term 2024.
Suitable for children aged 4-7 years. 45 minutes duration.