The Tale of The Country Mouse

Meurig the mouse has many friends on Ffaldy Farm. He also has a warm, cosy bed of straw to sleep in and plenty of delicious nuts and berries to eat. However, when he discovers that his city cousins live in a huge mansion, sleep in silk sheets, and dine on roast dinners with cakes and jelly and cream every night, he becomes rather jealous and sets off on an exciting journey to the city, where he hopes to enjoy such luxuries for himself. He soon discovers though, that there is a difference between what he wants and what he needs...and also, that there is no place quite like home!

This production is 45 minutes in duration and is suitable for presentations to audiences of up to 90 children.

The production is available through the medium of English  and will run from September 2021until April 2022. Please do get in contact for further details.